2018 Calendar Photo Contest

Now accepting submissions for 2018 Greater Cedar Mesa Calendar Contest

It’s that time of year again to go through your favorite prints of the greater Cedar Mesa area and pick out a few to share with FCM and other archaeology enthusiasts. FCM is now accepting photo submissions for our 2018 Greater Cedar Mesa Calendar. The calendar is a fun way for supporters to help FCM fundraise for our education, stewardship and advocacy work, and it is a way to show off the artistic talents of our Friends.

Submit your favorite photo or two of the greater Cedar Mesa area by May 15th for a chance to be featured in the forthcoming calendar. Winners will receive 10 free calendars. For now, you can send lower resolution files but we’ll need the full resolution version of the photo for printing (we’re talking a 9×12 inch image @ 360 dpi with multiple megapixels here). Preference will be given to photos showing diverse season (e.g. winter and fall). Keep in mind your photos should be landscape, not portrait, in dimensions. We also encourage you to submit photos that do not give too many revealing details about sensitive site locations. FCM does not publish site names or locations in the calendar.


Photos will be selected by FCM staff and Board Member/professional photographer Bruce Hucko. A few notes from our judge:
  • Check the sharpness and clarity of your image.  Fuzzy image will be cut.
  • Careful on your use of the Saturation Slider in PhotoShop or Lightroom.
  • FCM reserves the right to color correct or resize the image to fit calendar needs.
  • If we feel we need to CROP your image FCM will contact you for artistic approval.

We are now accepting submissions via email through May 15th, 2017.

Is your photo cover worthy? Submit away!

Author: Amanda Podmore

Amanda Podmore is the Assistant Director of Friends of Cedar Mesa.

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