Threatened: Access to Public Lands in Cottonwood Wash

Public Access to Bears Ears Threatened near Bluff

Voice your concerns! – September 19th, 11:30 am, Community Hideout Center, Monticello

250 ft of County Road B2721 and all of County Road D5036 are proposed for closure.

Friends of Cedar Mesa and the community of public lands users in San Juan County has recently learned that a private land owner has requested that San Juan County close two public county roads in southeast Utah that allow access to the Bears Ears National Monument. The two roads, a segment of B2721 (approx. 250 feet in length) and D5036, pass through private land to allow access from Bluff to South Cottonwood Wash, which is in the national monument.

For decades, many Bluff residents and visitors have enjoyed morning strolls and afternoon walks up Cottonwood Wash. South Cottonwood Wash is a critical access point for non-motorized access to public lands. These scenic and culturally rich lands should not be transformed into the exclusive backyard for private property owners. Closing these roads will literally lock out the public and diminish recreational opportunities for Bluff residents. Closing, or “vacating” these roads is a move to reduce access to our public lands.

This is about private individuals locking up public lands – and we will not stand for it.

Defend public access to Cottonwood Wash

This decision will affect many public lands users. Join FCM at the public hearing in Monticello, Utah on September 19 at 11:30 am in telling  San Juan County that these roads should remain open.

Click here for directions to the Hideout Community Center in Monticello.

How can you help?

  • Attend the public hearing on September 19th
  • Write to the address below or email by September 15th and tell them you do not support the vacation of county roads B2721 and D5036 because they are critical to public lands access.
    • San Juan County Public Lands Department
      Attention: Nick Sandberg
      P.O. Box 9
      Monticello, Utah 84535
  • Share with another public lands enthusiast!

Author: Amanda Podmore

Amanda Podmore is the Assistant Director of Friends of Cedar Mesa.

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